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Well, it looks like John Moore had to make a major compromise to continue his run as the voice of the Mooseheads.

News 95.7 is the new home of the Moose. John Moore will continue to call the play-by-play, but I'm willing to bet he lost exclusive rights to the radio broadcast.

Listening to the promos on News 95.7, I'm left with the impression that Rogers owns the rights now.

Moore was in a tough spot with the demise of KIXX Country, the most recent home of the Moose on the radio. Moore had full control of the venture, selling ad spots, running the entire show, and purchasing time on KIXX for his broadcast.

I have my doubts that Rogers would cut a similar deal. Moore will call 16 home games, and host a pre and post-game show.

The new package with 95.7 sounds like a partnership between the Mooseheads and Rogers, with Moore doing the shows in much the same format as before with pre and post game shows and so on.  The biggest difference is that they will broadcast all 68 games instead of just the away games as before.

Format seems to be the same, but John doesn't appear to own the show now.

I'm sure John probably lost broadcasting rights when he wasn't able to secure a radio station to host the Mooshead broadcast. With KIXX moving to FM under new ownership, Moore was probably left out in the cold. It wouldn't be in Roger's best interest to rent out radio time to Moore, especially if they could secure the rights to the Moosehead radio broadcast.

Moore was the obvious guy to go with on the play-by-play coverage.

I seem to also recall Moore played hardball with Eastlink Television a few years back, over broadcasting rights. Moore owned them, and he wouldn't allow Eastlink to broadcast Moose games unless they also broadcast his audio feed.

If I were Moore in these economic times, I'd be glad to be the employee and know that there's a paycheque coming.  Let Rogers take the risk in selling the ads to pay for it all.

Why do I get the sense that there are more posts about 95.7 here than they have actual listeners?


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